Our Commitment


The R.W. Knudsen Family® brand has demonstrated a deep dedication to environmental stewardship since first bottling organic grape juice in 1961. We are dedicated to operating and supplying our products nationally, while staying committed to our core values, coexisting with the environment and supporting sustainable business by helping to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Commitment to Organic​

We have been using organic ingredients long before many consumers knew what "organic" meant. We came to organics because of our enduring commitment to reduce the amount of synthetic pesticides and herbicides released into the environment. Our company has served as members of the Organic Trade Association, supporting the organic industry through high standards, since the Association's inception in 1985. In 1997 we were the first processor in the country to volunteer to become a certified organic processing facility.​

About half of our products are made with 95% or greater certified organic ingredients. We support organic agriculture around the world, and as an organic handler, we follow strict handling practices and procedures, including tracking all organic materials from receipt of incoming ingredients to sale of finished products. Our processing facilities are inspected by an independent auditor to verify we are in compliance with the National Organic Program.


Renewable Energy​

We are dedicated to minimizing our total environmental footprint through significant investments in energy efficiency at our facilities and by using clean renewable energy sources on site. We have invested millions of dollars in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources at our own facilities. We also capture all the waste heat from our power generation to assist in the pasteurization process of our production lines. The current installation of a 200 Kilowatt solar energy array, in combination with our other on-site power generation, has provided more than 20% of our Chico plant's energy through renewable sources since 2010.​

Our commitment to clean, renewable energy is matched by our focus on waste reduction. At R.W Knudsen Family®, sustainable practices ensure that we’ re doing our part to keep the planet remarkable. And today, we’ re proud to share the news that the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council has recognized our efforts. The council awarded our Chico, California manufacturing facility with their platinum level Zero Waste certification--the highest level offered. It means a plant that manufactures R.W Knudsen Family® products is successfully diverting 99 percent of waste from landfills, incineration and the environment. 

Interesting Environmental Facts​

  • Our distribution warehouse in Chico, California received LEED Gold® Certification in 2009.​
  • The 200 Kilowatt solar energy array, along with other on-site power generation, has provided more than 20% of our Chico plant's energy through renewable energy resources since 2010.​
  • We've diverted 27,660,445 lbs, (that's 13,830 tons of trash) since 2010, and we've maintained 99% landfill diversion for 4 consecutive years.​
  • As a part of ongoing work in waste and landfill reduction, our manufacturing facilities have completed material analysis studies and are participating in a variety of waste recycling programs.​
  • We recycle all production materials such as glass, plastic, corrugate, paper, aluminum and metal, and we add more materials to the list whenever we can.​
  • Our Chico plant is committed to reusing waste whenever possible. That includes rebuilding pallets, sending fruit pulp to use as animal feed and waste sent to compost. We've reused 85% or more of the plant's waste products for 4 consecutive years.​
  • At our Havre de Grace, Maryland plant, we're working to reduce the amount of water used in the pasteurization process, saving approximately 2,500 gallons of water a day.
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